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The “Weld Process” is a critical operation for many products & installations, whether holding together the bars of the ubiquitous grill on your domestic steel gate, or enabling complex Nuclear Reactor Vessels to power the country for a century.

The “performance-manufacture-installation-cost” requirements imposed on any welded product or installation is determined by its specific performance parameters expected in service within its operating environment during its life-time of service, & also based on the ease of its installation, durability,maintenance,& servicing costs during the life-time of service.

As welding specialists with over three decades of industrial experience worldwide, we endeavour to offer the best solution to your unique welding situations – whether you wish to automatethe welding of your components, or to support you to design, manufacture, install, service & operate the Nuclear Power Plant!

Our approach to de-burden your welding is to first understand the nature of your situation or requirements & then to formulate our proposal to generate the best alternate options that you can exercise with full knowledge of the critical requirements, priorities, facilities, etc, within the constraints of your situation, be they technical feasibility, time, costs, manpower…

Please share with us your critical welding issues& let moderntechnology a chance to support you!
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